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Welcome Semester students (non-Trades students)!  You have come to the right place to request Accommodation letters! Click the 'Accommodations' button to share accommodation letters with your course instructor(s) or in some programs, your Program Leader.

*It can take up to 30 SECONDS to log into the student portal so please be patient. Be prepared to use your C# and password to log in.

Alternatively: if you are a Trades (Foundation or Apprenticeship) student, click here to go to our Trades site to request your accommodation letters.

Tips for Semester Students:

  • Request your letters as early in the term as possible, giving CAL and course instructors time to implement accommodations!
  • After requesting CAL will send an email to your course instructor(s) on how to securely access the letter in the system.
  • If you are seeking new or changed accommodations, please reach out to your CAL instructor by email. They may need to meet with you as part of that process.
  • Both you and your course instructor(s) or program leaders in some departments (eg,. Nursing and Music) are able to access your accommodation letter on this system once it has been shared.

NOTICE: When you are ready to sign out of the student portal, please completely close out of your web browser.